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air compressor and industrial refrigerator rotors manufacturing
we provide screw compressor rotors for high-end customers in china and abroad, which are widely used in oil-injected screw air compressors, oil-free compressors, industrial gas compressors and commercial refrigeration compressors.
good material compactness without shrinkage, impurities, slag, graphite floating and other defects, small thermal expansion coefficient, good wear resistance, self-lubricating performance, low gap sensitivity. it can ensure the safe operation of the compressor with a small meshing gap, good specific power, and greatly improved energy efficiency.

machining advantage
200 high-precision vertical and horizontal multi-axis cnc, four-side milling cnc,cylindrical grinding and surface grinding cnc with machining accuracy of 0.003mm. loading,unloading and tool detection are full automatic and unattended at night. the effective connection through the mes system can greatly improve production efficiency and quality stability, and effectively reduce customer procurement costs.